Make-Up Lesson Details:

Thank you for showing your interest in booking makeup lessons with Gagan. Bravo for putting your hands up for learning something new. Lets get started.

Each make-up lesson is unique as it is tailored to the experience and aspirations of the individual client. Each make-up lesson could cover:

→ Understanding what you as an individual want from the make-up lesson, by listening to your personal experiences with make-up.

→ Giving your make-up bag a makeover by removing the clutter of unwanted products, and leave it organised to make the most of the investment you’ve already made. I will recommend products suitable for your own skin tone and type.

→ Step by step tuition telling you exactly what you need to know, what works and what doesn’t.

→ Creation of a “10 Minute Makeover” routine for you that will leave you looking great without taking over your mornings.

→ Above all, the make-up lesson is designed to give you skills that will suit your lifestyle, and that are practical enough to have a positive impact on your everyday life.

Make-Up Lesson Prices:

The cost of the make-up lesson is $190 for 1 hour 30 minutes. You have the option of using after pay or divide your payments over 4 weeks to suit your budget. If more lessons are required to learn more or pace your learning, you have the choice of purchasing 3 lessons for $499. All lessons are conducted on a 1:1 basis to give you the time and attention required for becoming a makeup pro.

Please fill out the form on my website under "contact" and give me as much details about what you would like to focus on, what do you struggle with the most. More information is better for me to understand how to tailor the lesson to your needs.

  • Bring your makeup bag with you to the lesson so I can help you pick the right products for you.
  • You can write down your questions prior to the lesson so we can cover all your concerns.
  • You can make any notes, take pictures of products, make videos of any techniques and save them for later.
  • All lessons will be carried out at my studio room in Rototuna, Hamilton.
  • You can choose timings from 12pm on wards or after work if that suits you better, between Monday to Thursday.

Practice will make everything better, once you know what you are doing you will love makeup more and more!

Lets do it!

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